10 Parenting thoughts from Pastor and Parent

  1. Be reliable and dependable.  Your children want to know that you’ll follow through, keep your word and do what you say you will do.
  2. Be consistent.  Just don’t be a hypocrite.  Be the same – nothing will undermine a parent quicker than if their children see them as being phony.
  3. Establish Priorities in the family.  Your children may complain, but they will respect your standards.
  4. Hold the line.  Each generation has a tendency to be less strict than the one before them.  The saying goes:  “What you do in moderation your children will do in excess”.
  5. If you parent your child now you can be their friend later.  Too many parents want to be their child’s buddy.  If you raise them as a parent should while they are young, they will be great people to hang around with when they are older.
  6. Pick your battles wisely.  There are some things you cannot make your child do.  Make sure you choose wisely when taking a stand.
  7. Determine your child’s personality.  Not all of your children will respond the same and not all of them will be motivated the same.
  8. Don’t make excuses.  Don’t use labels, lack of finances, lack of opportunities or your own failings to be excuses for misbehavior.
  9. Be realistic.  We don’t expect a three year old to behave the same as a ten year old.
  10. Know your Biblical role.  What duties has God given us as parents and know that we will give an account to God for how we have raised our children.

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