The value of man (and brown bird)

We took our grandsons camping overnight a couple of weeks ago. Our three year old grandson wanted to bring along his favorite toy. Usually this stays with his parents, but since it was overnight we told him he could bring along ‘Brown Bird’.

Brown Bird is a Fisher Price Little People Zoo Animal.  It has the letter ‘N’ on it’s chest to teach the children their alphabet and on this particular bird it stands for Nightingale.  It has brown wings so my grandson calls it ‘Brown Bird’.  He carries it everywhere he goes.  I foolishly vowed to my son that we would keep a close eye on Brown Bird and make sure the toy made it back home safely.

After setting up camp and eating dinner we were playing outside with the grandkids when realization struck me and I looked at my wife and said “where’s Brown Bird?”   She looked immediately concerned and we both realized we had not seen this toy for a couple of hours.  We spent the rest of the evening secretly looking for this toy without purposefully alarming our grandson.  We moved everything, looked everywhere we could imagine and then looked again.  No Brown Bird!

The next evening as we were driving the boys back home my wife texted my son to let them know we were coming back minus one very important toy.  We stopped by a Walmart on the way – but they didn’t have anything like that.  After dropping off the boys, we immediately got on Ebay and found someone that was selling Brown Bird – it was less than three dollars (plus shipping of course) so we ordered a new Brown Bird right away.  Within a couple of days, my grandson was reunited with a new Brown Bird, he didn’t know the difference and was happy as can be.

Why was Brown Bird so important?  Was this little Fisher Price toy valuable?  No.  Was it rare? No.  Was it a collectible?  I don’t think so. It was valuable because of the value my grandson put on it.  It was his favorite toy.  We searched and searched and eventually ordered a new one because it was important to my grandson.

The Word of God tells us that we were formed from the dust of the ground.  In Genesis chapters 1 and 2 we find that God made everything that existed from nothing with just His very Word. Except for mankind.  With mankind, He formed the dust into a human being and breathed into him the breath of God – and then man became a living soul.  When man sinned – God sent Jesus Christ to die for him.  Why?  Man has do value.  He is from dust.  Why didn’t God just do away with the sinful one and create new perfect ones?

Because mankind was valuable to God.  God loved man and was willing to die in order to redeem him.  The value of man’s soul is determined by his Creator.

(And Brown Bird is not allowed at Grandma and Grandpa’s anymore).

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