Our reaction is the difference (Lesson 4)

As a Christian it is our reaction to the situations in our life that set us apart from those without Christ.  Regardless of the circumstances that come our way – good or bad – we know Who is in charge and we know from Whom our strength comes.

To those that do not know us very well, the fact that we are a Christian may not be readily obvious.  Lots of people are nice, hard working, patriotic, family oriented, and involved in their communities.  Those qualities are not exclusive to a Christian – though they should be evident in a Christian.  It is when things suddenly go wrong – when the crisis arises – that the faith on which the Christian rests is suddenly tested.  The Christian should not panic when others are frightened  The Christian should not gloat when he is recognized.  The Christian should not lash out when they are wrongly accused.  The Christian does not complain when life seems unfair.

Our testimony and our faith is on full display when life sends a big moment.  Good or bad, our focus should be on God and our purpose should be for God to get the Glory!