Truth is fallen in the streets

A couple years ago I preached a message about the relative nature of truth in a Post-modern culture.  The fact that truth has become whatever one thinks it to be and it is wrong to tell them that they are wrong.  If an individual thinks that 2 + 2 = 5, then that is truth to them.  That sounds ludicrous and folks snickered when I gave these type of illustrations.

This week in the NBA (National Basketball Association) a star athlete (Kyrie Irving) stated multiple times that he believed that the earth is actually flat.  Kyrie Irving comments   He was quite adamant about it.  This became a leading story throughout the sport.  The commissioner of the NBA made a public comment on it. Adam Silver comments  Several other NBA stars throughout the week defended not only his right to his opinion, but also that he may be right.  NBA comments.  Perhaps all of the images of earth from space are just trick photography one said.

Isaiah 59:14 …truth is fallen in the street…  

Topics like these are easy to defend.  We can observe and experiment on things like this.  This is true science – not speculation.

My thoughts on those that disagree with me

We live in an era where everyone is able to express their opinion. Social media has opened the door to everyone giving and getting opinions on everything.  Obviously, we are finding that many are intolerant of others’s views.  If you don’t like my presidential candidate than I will unfriend or un-follow you on Facebook.  If you don’t agree that home-schooling is the only acceptable method of educating your child than I will berate your choices and flood you with information to the contrary.  Perhaps you have found out that you have a sensitivity to gluten and you are now overwhelmed with those who accuse you of trying a “fad” diet, or that you have been misdiagnosed or you are faking it or you are just looking for attention

People can be mean and nasty – especially now that they can spew their venom from a keyboard.  Things they would have never said face to face is now much easier when they can spout an opinion and then log off.

Here is my position on those I disagree with:

  1. There are those that I NEVER agree with.  They have different opinions and different standards on everything from God to politics and virtually everything in between.  I do not expect to ever agree with these folks.  Some are my friends, former co-workers or neighbors.  We have some small aspect of our lives that unites – but overall we are worlds apart.  I cannot get upset when these folks disagree with me – I expect nothing less. They do not have my foundation of faith, they do not have my foundation of political opinion, they do not have my worldview of culture, life and education.   In fact – when there is a rare moment that I do agree with them I often find myself re-evaluating my own position.  If we actually do agree on something perhaps I have limited information or have not thoroughly studied this subject.
  2. There are then those that I usually always agree with.  When they completely disagree with me it gives me pause to re-evaluate my position.  I trust their thoughts and opinions so perhaps they know something I don’t  Perhaps I know something that they don’t. When I disagree with this person in my life I dig a little deeper to clarify  the why’s and the how’s.  I also evaluate the commonality of our relationship.  If the common ground is our faith and the disagreement is in regards to our faith than I evaluate that disagreement more earnestly.  If our common ground is our employment, but our disagreement is on politics, than I must regard that their baseline for making decisions may be completely different than mine.

Disagreeing with someone is no reason for ending relationships, becoming stressed or getting angry.  Each disagreement gives me the opportunity to evaluate, learn, research and make an educated decision.