…God will tell people about your Church!

Shortly after I became a Pastor I received advice from a Pastor that I respect very much.  He told me that the philosophy of his ministry and his church is very simple:  If we tell people about God; God will tell people about our church!  Bottom line:  We focus on the Great Commission.  We tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ and God directs people that are looking for a church about our church.  It’s never the same people!  Just a reminder that God’s ways are not our ways.

Each week our church visits numerous nursing home and assisted living facilities to make room visits and conduct Bible studies.  Most churches today will not take the time to focus on nursing homes because patients at nursing homes don’t tithe and don’t increase attendance numbers.   Our church continues to grow and we see visitors almost every week.  Is it because of our great marketing campaign?  No – it’s a simple principle:  When we tell people about God; God tells people about our church!