Recommended Book – The Strategy of Satan

Having pastored now for over 10 years I have put together a collection of books that I highly recommend to my congregation.  I keep extra copies of these books in my office and give them out as needed.  Beginning with this post I will review one at a time:

The Strategy of Satan by Warren Wiersbe

The Strategy of Satan is a small book and easy to read but it is packed with concise information on how Satan is out to defeat the Christian.  I have taught this book as a Bible Study series and I have given this book to at least a dozen individuals who were struggling with temptation and sin in their lives.  In order to protect ourselves against the ‘wiles of the Devil’ we must first understand his tactics.

Chapters will cover the strategy Satan uses such as:

Satan is the Deceiver and he targets your mind by using lies

Satan is the Destroyer and he targets your body by using suffering

Satan is the Ruler and he targets your will by using Pride

Satan is the Accuser and he targets your heart by using Accusations

The book goes on to discuss ways to protect ourselves (armor of God) and the many devices he uses.

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Sermon Outline – “The Church Boneyard”

Ezekiel 37:1  …”and he set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones”

I. The Wishbone Christian:  Too lazy to work and full of excuses.

A. “I wish I could help with the church music…”

but they are too lazy to practice.

B. ‘I wish I could tithe…”

but they are too stubborn to trust God.

C. “I wish I could witness…”

but they are too afraid of rejection.

II. The Funny bone Christian:  Carry their feelings on their sleeve – easily offended

* The funny bone in the human body has a nerve very close to the skin making

it very sensitive.

III. The Dry bone Christian:  Cannot rejoice and judgmental

IV. The Hipbone Christian: touchy about giving to the Church

V. The Jawbone Christian:  they gossip, complain, sow discord, etc.

VI. The Knee bone Christian: The Prayer Warriors of the Church

VII. The Backbone Christian:  Steadfast, unmovable.

by the late Rev. Thomas R. Gunther of Grace & Truth Bible Church, Hummelstown Pennsylvania.