The Christian’s Daily Survival Kit

This was found in the Bible of a dear saint from our church that went home to be with the Lord last year.

A Toothpick – Needed to remind you to pick out the qualities in others.  Matt. 7:1

A Rubber band – Reminds you to be flexible.  Romans 8:28

A Band-Aid – We must heal hurt feelings; yours or someone else’s.  Col. 3:12-14

A Pencil – Needed to remind you to list your blessings.  Eph. 1:3

The Eraser – Everyone makes mistakes.  Genesis 50:15-21

Chewing Gum – Always stick with it.  Phil. 4:13

A Mint – a reminder that you are worth a ‘mint’ to God.  John 3:16-17

A Hershey’s Kiss – People need love.  I John 4:7

A Tea Bag – You need to relax and go back over that list of blessings. I Thes. 5:18

* Reminder: To the world you may just be somebody – but to somebody you may be the world.



How to respond during difficulties

When troubles and trials come our way (and they will) how do I properly respond?  What is my reaction supposed to be?  Here a 5 key points I use:

1) Remember that the world looks at our reaction.  It is our response during the trials of life that should separate us from those who do not know Christ.  During the good times everyone, saved or unsaved, can look happy.  How do we respond when things get bad?

2) Keeping look ahead!  We often want to focus on the dire circumstances around us.  Sometimes we even get lost in the problems of our past.  The Scriptures tells us “forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before I press toward the mark”.  Our focus should always be on those things which are above and before us not the sinking sand around us.

3) I am a child of the King – I should act like it!  We are joint heirs with Jesus Christ.  We have a home prepared for us in Heaven.  We have an eternity to dwell in the presence of the Almighty God.  We have no cause for living a defeated life.

4) I must remember that God is always good, Always!  God never lies.  His promises are true.  He promised us “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee”.  God did not forget us or lose track of us.  He knows where we are and what we need this very hour.

5) I still have a God given job to do.  I cannot shirk my responsibilities.  I am still a Father/Mother or Husband/Wife or Church Member or Sunday School teacher or choir member, etc.  I am still commissioned to ‘go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’.  My God given job has not changed.  I must remain busy in His work.