Why I believe the Rapture is imminent.

For over 2000 years Christians have been expecting Jesus Christ to come back in the clouds and call His Church home to Heaven.  We call this sudden removal from planet earth – the Rapture.  It is not a Bible word but rather a word we have used to describe this sudden and immediate removal of Believers from earth and to Heaven.

There is, unfortunately, a large movement afoot today in which the Rapture is being redefined or outright denied.  We will look at this problem in our next post.

I believe He is coming again and coming very, very soon because:

1. He told us He was coming again.  We are to be expecting Him and looking for Him.  In fact, we were often warned in scripture that many would be caught unawares at His sudden return.  We are to be expecting Him.

2. There is nothing in prophecy holding the Rapture back.  There has never been a time in our history in which things seem more “ready” than ever for His return.  It may very well get worse yet before Jesus comes back, but we are already at a point where the stage is set for the end of the church age and the ushering in of the Anti-Christ.

3. There is massive revival and evangelism taking place in so many closed door countries.  Today we find great multitudes of people accepting Christ as Savior in countries such as China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and others.  Some of the most difficult places in which to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ are now on fire with the Gospel.

4. Globally we see cultures embracing immorality and calling it good.  We also see global cultures worshiping the creature over the Creator.  These Biblical prophecies have reached epidemics in our society and around the globe.

5. We see a global economic weakness that is susceptible to collapse and fraud like never before.  This is paving the way for the globalization of currency in the end times (ie. the Mark of the Beast).

** Jesus is coming again and He is coming very soon!