God is my Trail-manager – Part 1 ‘The Hike’

In 1987 I was in my senior year of  high school when my Science teacher put together a three day camping expedition over Christmas break.  We would hike into the Appalachian Trail and camp at the Rausch Gap Shelter near the Fort Indiantown Gap Army  post.  I didn’t know anything about the Appalachian Trail so I went to the local outfitter store and bought maps and books to begin my research.

Over the years I became increasingly interested in the Appalachian Trail (AT as it is known) and hiked a few portions of it near my home.  During the fall of last year my twenty-one year old son was frustrated with what to do with his life when I suggested he hike the AT.  Momentum picked up until he began his hike at Springer Mountain Georgia in March of this year.  I finally got to hike the trail vicariously along with him. I became his Trail Manager!

Most hikers credit their Trail Manager with being the one individual most responsible for helping them complete their hike.  The Trail Manager send packages to appointed locations, they watch the weather forecasts, they switch out cold weather and warm weather gear, they send food, they warn the hiker of what lies ahead on the trail and they monitor the health and diet of their hiker.

The more that I worked with my son, the more I realized the spiritual picture I was experiencing.  God is my Trail Manager.  He knows the trail, He knows where I am, He monitors my walk, and He helps me each step of the day.

In the next part of this article we will look at how God manages each part of our walk in this life.

We’ve lost the Rainbow and we’ll lose more.

We know that things are constantly changing around us – but sometimes as Christians we have a difficult time adjusting and letting some things go.  At the same time, we’ve allowed some things to be outright stolen from us.

God very distinctly placed a “bow” (rainbow) in the sky for Noah and his family as a promise to never again flood the entire earth.  This was a very specific and clear sign from the Almighty God to mankind.  The rainbow is a sign of God’s promise to man. Of course now the rainbow is a clearly recognizable sign of something very different.  The Christians have allowed this Godly symbol to be commandeered by the Homosexual movement.  Ironically a church that puts up a rainbow flag now is making a very different statement than just fifty years ago.

Growing up our church always considered itself an ‘Independent, Fundamental Baptist’ Church.  Today we find that the average American, upon hearing the term ‘Fundamentalist’ immediately thinks about extremist Islamist’s.  The average evangelical today upon hearing the term ‘Fundamentalist’ thinks of the fringe edge of Independent, Baptist churches such as Westboro Baptist and their “God hates______” campaigns or the Fundamental Baptist churches mired in sex scandals.  Quite honestly, even though my stand has never changed I am reluctant to use the term ‘Fundamentalist’ anymore.

Missions and Mission agencies have become more social gospel in nature and less about sharing the gospel.  Witnessing has become proselytizing.  God’s Word has become nothing more than an “ancient manuscript”.  Christians (by name)  have become simply the opposite of Muslims.  Words and titles don’t mean what they used to mean.  Things have changed.

BUT!  Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.  The Truth of the Bible has never changed.  There is still only One Way – through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Things may be changing in our culture – but God’s Word and His Truth never changes!!