Going to people in need.

hurting people

After spending the better part of the last week in the area Children’s Hospital with family, I am again reminded that there are so many hurting people.  As Christians, Christ wants us to find them and minister to them.

Words like ‘Prayer’, ‘God’ and ‘Miracles’ are very popular in the Children’s Hospital waiting rooms.  They may not be popular subjects in our culture, in our government, or in our educational institutions today – but they are extremely popular during a crisis.

Christ went to the people in need.  There were many that flocked to Him as they saw his power and healing – but there were many others that Christ went to find:  the woman at the well, Zacchaeus, the disciples on the boat, etc.  Christ went to them in their time of need.

There are many, many hurting people today. I believe it is the responsibility of the Church and Christians in general to know where they are and share with them. Crisis and illness are difficult times, but they are difficult times that often lead people to openness in regards to spiritual things.